Haiku and other Three-legged Thoughts


Basho rides his frog
into the corral of the ages
-a rodeo of the succinct!

traffic sounds may talk
that way to skyscrapers
but never to a forest

Sunlight reflects off the moon
to glimmer on the pond.
What a bank shot!

the slow drip in the
downspout took me within
an inch of my life

the moon,
melting slush of a thumb,
looks for a ride home

after the shower
a moment’s rivulet dreamed
of the raging river

The freedom of the wind
urges the tree
to come along.

are there any differences
between moments
when we don’t reach

as the sun lay on its side
for the night; clouds danced
with mischief in the dark

lava flows of ink
stretch across the shredding
rice paper mind

libraries, the museums
of domesticated trees, shh!
you can still hear the breeze

Solid thunder
capped in lightning
Mount Rainier

Puget rain
like the future, steadily
pours through us

dawn sun no longer
can remain behind the window
-orange and gold frothing

light looking up out of a river
is a marbling flutter
and makes the world dance like spirit

days can be impossible
-draw the chill night over us,
it will warm by itself


About dwk758

When I was in the 6th grade, I was fascinated by a brief section in my World History book about ancient Greece and the philosophers, mythology, and original Olympics. I wrote my first poem about it that started: "Ancient Greeks and old time Romans...". Ever since it has been an elaboration on that theme...and I have wandered far afield.
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