Crackerjack Assassin, 1938

He showed up on a Saturday afternoon
on Main Street at the edge of the dust bowl
in a ’29 Ford pickup with running boards rusted through.
None of the farmers nor their wives were fooled.
Said he was looking for work
doing hauling deliveries for local undertakers
and wanted directions.
The fact that he could spit tobacco with pinpoint accuracy,
wore a sash around his bib overalls,
and had ninja stars for eyes was wasted
on no one.

The breeze started to pick up at dusk.
He rubbed silt on his face and neck
and cartwheeled along the edges of the wind storm.
For five days straight,
no one saw nothin’.


About dwk758

When I was in the 6th grade, I was fascinated by a brief section in my World History book about ancient Greece and the philosophers, mythology, and original Olympics. I wrote my first poem about it that started: "Ancient Greeks and old time Romans...". Ever since it has been an elaboration on that theme...and I have wandered far afield.
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